Birthday Cake Toppers

Published: 17th November 2009
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Are you planning a birthday party and looking for something unique to add to the fun? Why not try adding some birthday cake toppers to that special cake! There are many online stores that offer unique and fun (and funny) toppers.

If you are looking for birthday cake toppers for a child, there are toppers starting with a first birthday. There are action figure toppers, doll toppers, vehicle toppers, circus toppers, and animal toppers just to offer a few ideas. There are toppers for sweet sixteen, over the hill, and even the golden years toppers. Finding a category and topper that would be just perfect for that certain someone will be a lot of fun. There are even attachments that can make your birthday cake toppers spin around. There are also online sites that offer 3D custom made caricature or bobble head figurine toppers. You simply send them a picture and they make the topper from that photo.

Birthday Cake Toppers

Think about what the person likes that you are buying birthday cake toppers for. Do they have a hobby that they love? What is their career? Do they have a favorite cartoon? Do they have a favorite movie? The possibilities are endless.

Most birthday cake toppers are hand made and sculpted, and are made of polymer clay. Be certain to ask the person you are purchasing your topper from if they glaze theirs as the topper will last longer. I have seen many beautiful toppers that look so life-like. Cake toppers really can be a true work of art. A good artist will capture whatever image you are trying to convey. You will be amazed by how much you will like the finished product. And to top it off, the recipient will be able to keep their topper and always have a unique gift from you that will remind them of their wonderful birthday.

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