Make Your Own Birthday Cake Toppers

Published: 17th November 2009
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Do you love to try out new crafts? Are you looking for a hobby? Why not try making birthday cake toppers! Wouldn't it be great to surprise that special someone, whether they be a spouse, a child or grandchild, or a special friend, with a really unique gift for their birthday? Birthday cake toppers are easy and fun to create.

If you are looking for the simplest method, you could go to any craft store or online craft store and choose items that interest the person you are making the birthday cake toppers for. Think about their favorite hobby, or television character, or what they like to do. Are they interested in cars, movies, or shopping? Are they interested in a sport?

Make Your Own Toppers

You can buy items related to any one of these ideas in a craft store and place them on top of a cake. You can purchase action figures or cartoon characters that would look great on top on a cake. It is advisable to wash the items first before you use them as birthday cake toppers. It is also good to do this at least 24 hours ahead of time so there is no water in the crevices.

If you have a little more time you can use the object of your choice as a birthday cake topper and add rolled fondant (a creamed confection) over it. For example, if you are placing a pair of plastic roller skates on top of the cake, you can use some food coloring to make the confection the color of your choice. Roll the fondant over the ice skates and trim it with a knife. Use as many colors as you want. You can make the skates one color, the wheels another color, and the laces a third color. Use your imagination and have fun creating a true work of art!

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